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Penguins are the future of AR assisted navigation!

Really cute idea from Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium using AR Penguins to show people the way to their aquarium.


“Happiness up, Greed down” Hacking the Nasdaq

So according to Triodos Bank Happiness is up and Greed down...that is if you go with them i presume.

The B•Line

Brilliant little DM/Ploy from creative agency Breakfast. Sending perspective clients a retro phone that when used rings through to everyone in the agency..

I wonder do they turn it off once they have secured the work!!!

The Ad Agency Bloodline

Ever wonder how the todays global ad agencies came to be? How they began and how they developed in to the advertising superpowers they are today? Well this amazing infographic shows you just that.

The Big Eye Track

We were down visiting the guys in the @NCIRL to check out their computer labs and to have a look at some of the interesting stuff they are doing around website usability and accessibility testing. I have to say we were really impressed with the setup there and for anyone looking at accessibility & usability vs. bells & whistles i would advise you give these guys a shout.

One of the tests they perform on sites is an eye tracking test; tracking where the users eye is focused on and where and how it moves around the page to interpret and read your content. The heat maps below show how The Big Switch site, as it was in 2009 and as it was (and still is) in 2010, fared and what drew the eye....interesting!



Whats the difference between Ireland and Iceland

A letter, about 2 years and their tourism campaigns kick ass.

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