Something For The Weekend

Some interesting bits and bobs i came across this week.

Latest Tumblr Follow: I'm not Lost

Makes you want to jump on a Honda Rebel and take off. Was half way through before i thought this could be an ad and by the end i realised it was an extended ad or branded piece of content for Edwin. Still worth watching.

This Aria Desk from Herman Miller has gone on my want list.

Hello world Google Maps Streetview style.

Great example of UGC captured via SM being integrated with live event. The Killers - American Express UNSTAGED

I'm a big fan of Sugru so loved this DIY Sugru Fixbot Robotic Arm video.

An unbearably cute Ad for Google Chrome featuring Hangout and GTalk etc

Poster campaign by MOL and TFL to highlight the leave behind benefits of the Olympic games.

My Svpply collection this week is called Paws and is basically stuff with bears on....

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