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Twitter doorstop doing what it does best!

Social Media At A Glance

The idea of polite or incidental media is something i find pretty interesting. Got turned on to DEXTR after reading this blog post by Russell Davies and have been playing around with since. Love the interface and its handy to have on the desk or second screen for at a glance updates from my Twitter stream.

A similar webapp i came across, Arrivals by Dan W. Williams, brings the same at a glance experience to Foursquare. Arrivals turns your Foursquare notifications in to a airport arrivals board...hence the name.

And finally, though I'd mention Glowdart which is similar to TwitterFall but also allows you to turn on and off news feeds who's headlines appear mixed in with your Twitter and Facebook streams....again allows you to keep up to date with news as well as your social circle at a glance.


The Search For Betty Bot

The story of how we found Betty Bot.

Discover Twitter

Happy 'belated' Birthday Twitter > Discover Twitter

My youthful days pass by

Most of us have heard of Future Me where you can send your future self an email but now you can mess with your future self even more with Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule and Twitshift.

Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule links up with your flickr account and sends you two emails a month with pictures you took and upload to flickr on that day one year ago. Twitshift is for the narcissists out there, you can now follow yourself on twitter from a year ago...freaky.

Give me your Number 1 ASU #ge11

So with #ge11 finally after kicking off in earnest, it should be interesting to see how different parties and different candidates use digital and Social Media as part of their respective campaigns.

We’ve already seen some gaffs from FG, Labour have launched a where’s Gilmore app , FF have Twitter squatter issues and Sinn Féin carry the most Klout! Everyone knows SM and Digital will play a part in #g11 but how serious parties take the channel and how commited or willing they are to embrace it is yet to be seen. Irish Media Watch back in May 2010 posted results of a survey in which "77% of TDs plan to use social networking tools to communicate with constituents in the next general election" which is very impressive if a little optimistic.

Ronan Burtenshaw has a comprehensive list of Irish Politicians on Twitter. Noreen Bowden also has a list setup for Irish political parties and candidates on Twitter.

So getting to the blog title. I have particular interest in seeing how candidates and parties use digital advertising and particularly the likes of Facebook ASU ads to promote themselves and their campaigns. One would think that the regional targeting, self serve function and cost effectiveness of the channel would result in a plethora of 'Vote No.1' type ads appearing all over Facebook. But, having changed my location etc several times I’ve only seen one ASU ad and that was from FF TD Thomas Byrne. I don't really fancy changing my location over and over and hoping that party and candidate ads show up randomly so if anyone spots an ASU from a party or candidate send a screenshot to 'osuilleabhain AT gmail DOT com' or via the comments below (making sure to highlight what your FB location is set to).

Spotted this one myself -
(FB User Location Dublin, Hometown Cork)

FF TD Thomas Byrne - (Meath East)

Recieved this screenshot from @quinlivan -
(FB User Location Galway, Hometown Ennis, Co. Clare)

FG Cllr Tony Mulcahy - (Clare)

3 more found by @quinlivan again with -
(FB User Location Galway, Hometown Ennis, Co. Clare)

FG - (Party Message)

SF Cllr Martin Kenny - (Roscommon South-Leitrim)

FG Cllr Sean Kyne - (Galway West)

Spotted another one myself -
(FB User Location Dublin, Hometown Cork)

Colm McGrath Independent - (Dublin Mid West)

The Twike

I love it when Twitter and the real world converge in unexpected and quirky ways. Latest one that tweeked my interest was The Twike, the Tweeting bike brought to you by the good guys over at the Chance Collective as part of London’s EAST Festival taking place between 4-11 March this year.

"The bike will be fitted with a mobile which is programmed to tweet out messages when it comes within range of key areas of the festival, encouraging people to not only follow the bike online but also offline around the festival; there will also be a google maps mashup which shows the path of the bike through East London."

Not sure if it will deliver on its brief of "to encourage and aid interaction with the social media channels for the event." but its sure to generate some buzz and chatter online and to be fair its made me aware of a festival i wouldn't have otherwise come across.

You can follow the festival twitter profile @eastfestival or see more pics of the Twike over on Flickr.

The tweet that sank a minister?

Twitter hit the front pages again this week as this tweet sent the media in to a tizzy when it clearly showed Green Party chairman Senator Dan Boyle's true feelings and his actual lack of confidence in Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea. This of course is interesting only because it went against the party line and the vote of confidence that was passed the previous day.

The tweet kicked off a day of media frenzy and speculation as to the Green Party's true feelings and Willie O'Dea's future in politics. And by the end of the day they had their man and their resignation.

So, social media and Twitter has been thrust in to the centre of Irish politics again. Amas have a few interesting stats on political parties and their social media credentials and while the Labour Party were the first move in to this area its clear that the Green Party are now ahead of the posse and I for one would love to know if they have an actual social media policy in place and if Dan was acting strictly within the guidelines of that policy or if he went on a solo run with his now infamous tweet.

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