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Maximum Exposure

I've been playing around with and following a number of profiles on for some time now. Primarily built for photo essays I've began to post some examples of projects I've worked on in work and outside of work on there as well as some of the stuff i get up to in my down time. Check it out

Eoin O Suilleabhain portfolio on exposure



Survival in a Nuclear War

Forgot i even had this and cant remember where i picked it up.

Booklet from the Civil Defence on 'Survival in a Nuclear War' with advice on 'Protection in the Home and on the Farm'! Some real gems in there and the illustrations alone are something to behold.

Not sure what year the booklet was issued but it smacks of 1950's/60's.... of course I'm open to correction. Apart from the practical advice which is quite interesting the illustrations, which are credited to on David L. Murphy, Dip. A.I.C., A.N.C.A. (Design), are what really drew my attention. Love this style of illustration probably because it harks back to a more innocent time in society or something.

I've uploaded some of the illustrations to flickr but drop me a comment if you want higher res versions etc.

Yes i see your point of view on closer inspection…'s more than just print.





Came across this nifty little tool that should help designers and content managers etc visualize and manage content/layout of web pages easily.

"Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click."

You can wireframe Some Soup too....

Drag to Bookmarks toolbar (or right-click > Add to Favorites in IE):

<3 Swissmiss

The first blog i check every morning is Swissmiss and i think its probably the blog that inspires me the most. The person behind Swissmiss is Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg and the video above is of a presentation she gave recently at a PSFK conference.

Delivered in Beta

"How are social media changing design? What is the value of a prototype? How are work and play merging? Where is design headed in the 21st century?"

Excellent piece of futurology from KS12.

Delivered in Beta from KS12 on Vimeo.

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