So i manged to get my #instragram pics to automagically be set as my desktop backgrounds and this is how.

Its pretty simple and uses 3 web services (Instagram, IFTTT and Dropbox) that with their powers combined have The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Mothership.

So, first you need an Instagram account of course, that's  a given.

Second, sign up for a Dropbox account and download the Dropbox application that allows you to have a virtual Dropbox folder on your local machine.

Once everything is all synced up and working with your Dropbox account you should see a Dropbox folder under your User profile folder or in your Favorites in your explored sidebar.

And yes, all my drives are named after pubs.

After you have your Dropbox sorted head on over to IFTTT. You will need to add Instagram and Dropbox as Channels but that's pretty easy to do so on to the next step.

Once you've authorized IFTTT to access your Instagram and Dropbox accounts go to this nice little recipe, recipe 25679, and activate. Recipe 25679 will automatically save any photos you take with Instagram to your a folder in your Dropbox (Dropbox/ifttt/instagram).

So that's the easy bit done. You can now access all your lovely instagrams from your desktop just like any other images folder on your desktop.

Now, for WIn7 to use this folder as a library for Desktop Background images is again pretty easy.

Right click on your desktop and go to Personalize. In there click on Desktop Background which should be down in the bottom left of the window. That should open up the Desktop Background window which allows you to select what folder to use for background images and how often you want the background updated etc.

Click on Browse and select the Dropbox folder (already available on your machine under User or Favorites). IFTTT will have added an IFTTT folder in your Dropbox root and in there will be the Instagram folder. Make sure and Select All for newly added images to get dropped in to rotation. I have Picture Position set to 'Fill' with the picture on shuffle and set  to change every day. Save changes and you're done...Insta-desktop-background!

Just try not right clicking on your desktop and selecting 'Next Desktop Background', over and over again, once you have this setup!

Some examples of my Insta-desktop-background's. Have a 2 screen setup hence the repeat and black bar on the right.