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Féile na Laoch – Highlights

Well anyone that was in Cuil Aodha for the weekend of Féile na Laoch will know I'm not exaggerating when i say it was one of the most unique and epic festivals of the year. This highlights package  should give you a good idea of how the festival weekend went and especially the mammoth outdoor concert/gathering that ran from Sunday night 21:00 to Monday morning 07:00.

Expect to see more footage of individual performances over the next few weeks over on the Féile na Laoch site.

Féile na Laoch (The Festival of Heroes) Lineup

Just received the official lineup for the festival.

Driving home for Christmas

Driving from Dublin to Cork during the recent heavy snow was no joke...just ask Will Knott!

Fiche bliain ag feitheamh!

After twenty years in Siberia, Cork and Cork football have come in from the cold to again hold the auspicious title of GAA All Ireland Football Champions. It was a long twenty years and by all accounts “if this team didn’t do it this year, they might as well forget about it!” So let’s take a minute to remember ‘93, remember ‘99, remember ’07 and remember ’09. Now remember the final whistle yesterday, the presentation and the lap of honour…..glory….sweet glory.

I was especially delighted for the guys that have been around since 99 and the likes of Nollaig Ó Laoire and Anthony Lynch whose honesty in their endeavours with Cork football over the years has only been match by their effort and resilience. Through hardship, injury, media criticisms, sending’s off, dips in form, All-Star selections, changes in management, victories over Kerry and of course defeats to Kerry. Noel has his All Ireland medal and I hope that Anthony, while he didn’t factor on Sunday, has his firmly in his back pocket set to make an appearance in Scannell’s Pub Baile Bhúirne in the very near future.

I don’t think the in the cardiac wards across Dublin will thank the teams or the GAA for the game finishing as it did with the tightest of margins but the tension and excitement may have also been a positive thing.  Where I was seated in the lower Davin stand, right at the back row, also had reserved areas for people in wheelchairs etc. At one point late in the second half, no word of a lie, one of the wheelchair bound auld fellas behind us got so excited that he suddenly regained the use of his legs and was jumping up and down shouting etc, the wheelchair went flying back and was surplus to requirements from then to the final whistle!

“GAA All Ireland Final…where miracles do happen!”

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