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Something For The Weekend

Some interesting bits and bobs i came across this week.

Latest Tumblr Follow: I'm not Lost

Makes you want to jump on a Honda Rebel and take off. Was half way through before i thought this could be an ad and by the end i realised it was an extended ad or branded piece of content for Edwin. Still worth watching.

This Aria Desk from Herman Miller has gone on my want list.

Hello world Google Maps Streetview style.

Great example of UGC captured via SM being integrated with live event. The Killers - American Express UNSTAGED

I'm a big fan of Sugru so loved this DIY Sugru Fixbot Robotic Arm video.

An unbearably cute Ad for Google Chrome featuring Hangout and GTalk etc

Poster campaign by MOL and TFL to highlight the leave behind benefits of the Olympic games.

My Svpply collection this week is called Paws and is basically stuff with bears on....

Latest Twitter Following/Followers:

"We are a social media consultancy. We help clients take a strategic view of where social media can add value to their business. We talk the future of social."

"News, tips and conversations about your favorite Dublin places via Google+ Local. Sign up for the Dublin newsletter here:"

"Kim Dotcom - Founder of Megaupload and Freedom Fighter. Contact me here:"

2010 in Review

Thought it might be interesting to do a quick review of my 2010 activiety online to see what caught peoples attention and generated most clicks, views, re-tweets etc

Using tools like Hootsuite,, etc its easy now to track what kind of traffic or clicks any tweeted links generate. I tend to use a different link shortener depending on the PC i'm using at the time but in total, across all of these, links i've posted on twitter alone have generated over 7,000 clicks in 2010. Some of the most clicked links are as follows:

  1. Could have fun with this today! The Neil Prendeville soundboard!! #Aerwankus #MileHighTugGate
  2. So here we go, details as follows, 4 iphones to be won as well as loads yes laods of iTunes vouchers #thinkbeyond
  3. Wow RTE final update story on Protest at Dáil << mental stuff
  4. Picture of the Naas Road after snow storm earlier > Very dangerous driving conditions folks...Bi cúramach!
  5. Exclusive first pics of Sean FitzPatrick being arested at his home this morning
  6. Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched Not the vid but an interactive app....
  7. The GAA have relaunched their site
  8. @marklittlenews ah but did Sky have the real story behind #dailgategate ??
  9. Our first bi-weekly video podcast featuring Sonia O'Sullivan talking about @thecorkmarathon is now on iTunes check it out
  10. You can even add our logo if you like, one of the guys in the office created this masterpiece #thinkbeyond

Very often, and as evident from the list above, i'm tweeting linking to pictures i've taken or images i've put together and uploaded to Twitpic. Some linked to directly with Twitpic links and some via a link shortner but the most viewed pics ive uploaded to Twitpic in 2010 are as follows:

With an astonishing 46,240 views we have this pic i took of a field directly behind the house where i grew up.

Anyone recognize the pitch from the opening scene of The Wind That Shakes The Barley? Well this pic hit 15,000 views dead!

This pic of Mulley speaking at the Media 20/20 conf has hit over 5,000 views.

I have some more 20k plus view pics but one of my favs has to be one from my FaceDown phase. It has a respectable 410 views.

Another pic thats racked up over 700 views is this one i took on May the 1st, May Day in Cathar in Kerry at the foot of the Paps of Anu.

Top Tweeted Links of 2010…so far

I tend to bash out a massive amount of links and pics via Twitter but neglect to share them anywhere else so in something i hope will be a regular feature here are My Top 10 Most Popular Tweets* in 2010 so far.

1. Picture of the Naas Road after snow storm earlier > Very dangerous driving conditions folks...Bi cúramach!

2. Exclusive first pics of Sean FitzPatrick being arested at his home this morning

3. RT @eoinos: The GAA have relaunched their site the guys at @ebowdublin are behind the new site, not an easy job id guess?

4. Someone was very quick off the blocks in updating Sean FitzPatrick's Wikipedia page

5. 'I'm Yours (ukulele)' im prob a bit behind on this but this is one seriously talented Kid6. Google facts and figures (massive infographic) << super cool

7. Took a load of pics of the merriment in snowy Phoenix Park today, lots of sledging, snowboarding, kite skiing etc

8. WTF!!!!! Now that's a serious disco ball!!!

10.Biggest Augmented Reality stunt in the world*by most popular i mean most clicked on and not most RT'ed etc

2.    Exclusive first pics of Sean FitzPatrick being arested at his home this morning    85 Clicks

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