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The World Park QR Campaign NYC

Hadn't seen this brilliant use of QR codes at various NYC park locations, creating a virtual and engaging experience allowing people to not only have fun but learn more about each location.

QR or Not to QR

To QR or not to QR? Their use on packaging, sinage, ads and in physical locations etc is a no brainer as they augment the public's experience of your product, place or ad etc by giving them the opportunity of a deeper digital engagement which is clearly a good thing. But, having used QR codes in a recent campaign, with varying degrees of success, i'm still not sure if their application as a DR mechanism in any large scale advertising campaign (in Ireland at least) is anything but a box ticking exercise.

Having said that i've been tricking about with a few free make your own QR code services which people can use to create their own personal QR codes or business QR codes etc and the best of what ive foound are below.

Allows you to create a QR code using their inbuilt Social/Video, Personal, Forward or Custom templates. My personal one is below.

My personal QR Code gives you everything you get with with the option of pointing your QR code to a leaf displaying text, images, vids etc.

eoinos's qr code is the more basic of the tree and is more for one off codes but it does allow you to play around with the code colour and has nice options in terms of output formats.

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