The Twike

I love it when Twitter and the real world converge in unexpected and quirky ways. Latest one that tweeked my interest was The Twike, the Tweeting bike brought to you by the good guys over at the Chance Collective as part of London’s EAST Festival taking place between 4-11 March this year.

"The bike will be fitted with a mobile which is programmed to tweet out messages when it comes within range of key areas of the festival, encouraging people to not only follow the bike online but also offline around the festival; there will also be a google maps mashup which shows the path of the bike through East London."

Not sure if it will deliver on its brief of "to encourage and aid interaction with the social media channels for the event." but its sure to generate some buzz and chatter online and to be fair its made me aware of a festival i wouldn't have otherwise come across.

You can follow the festival twitter profile @eastfestival or see more pics of the Twike over on Flickr.